Jul 26, 2011

A*** and M*** well checks

Today was A**** 3 year well check and 2 week follow up from her ear infection.  Her ears are fine now so that is good.  She weighs 28 lbs and is 35" tall.  Still my petite little monkey.

It was also M*** 4-5month well check.  He weighs 19.5lbs and is 27.75" long.  They said he would have been over 20 lbs if I would have nursed him before weighing, but I nursed him after.  He had to get 3 shots today, so he wasn't very happy about that.  Though he crashed out in the truck on the way back to the shop and is still sleeping.

A*** kept asking why he needed  a shot.  She was definitely a talker today.  She was just chatting with the nurse about the books and puzzles in the room.  When the Dr. came in she was pretty quite (well she talked just as much, but in a whisper).  She let him do her check up and everything without fighting or complaining a bit!!!  She usually screams at me to hold her and not let him touch her, but today she sat on my lap for part of it and stood in front of me while he listened to her heart.  She didn't even care when he took her BP!  I was shocked at how well she behaved.  She was excited the M*** got an Elmo band-aid and she got 3 stickers AND a sucker!  Though we think she might have left her pretty bracelet there that some friends had made and gave her :(

I think it is rather amusing and crazy that she is currently in the shorts that M***wore to church on Sunday (size 12 months) and the fit perfectly fine!

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