Jul 23, 2011

As many of you know I cloth diaper (CD)  M***.  I also CDed A*** starting at around 4 months.  But I also started ECing (Elimination Communication) her at that time. So she wasn't in CDs for very long.  Shortly after I started ECing her I made her some training panties to wear.  Here is her 4 month picture in her trainers mommy made her.
Here is M*** 3.5 months old (in the same seat) in a Bluerry trainers that I won in a giveaway!  They are great, but a little hard to get on a baby that can't stand up :)

One of the things I can't get over is how addicting CDing can be!  I am a cloth diaper (aka Fluff) addict!!! I love hanging my diapers out to dry.  They just look so pretty!
One of the reasons I do this is because it is better for the diapers to help them last a little longer.  Another reason is because the power of the sun is amazing at getting out yucky poopy stains!  I hate in the winter when I can't hang out the diapers because they all get to looking so gross and unclean (even after washing). 

*****WARNING: Nasty poop diaper picture******

It always amazes me that a nasty diaper like this (yes it has been washed) can...

Look like this after a couple hours in the sun!

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