Jul 29, 2011

Our business (Part 1)

Business is going great as far as customer orders and such, but that means Aaron is getting less sleep, stressing more, and overall cranky!  He is pretty far behind on orders right now.  Some of our clients don't seem to understand we are a FAMILY business.  We work as hard as we can, but sick/fussy kids can make it hard to get things done at times.  Aaron will work at least 10 hours a day/5 days a week, but most of the time he is pulling 12 hours a day and works on Saturdays (usually milling logs) and if he feels really behind after Church on Sundays too!

(Splitting a log that is too big for the mill. Yes we used wedge and sledgehammer)
                                                       (Milling on our Woodmizer)
It takes its toll on us.  It is really hard to have any true family time when he is just so tired and cranky from working so hard.  But he loves his job and I wouldn't want it any other way.
It's not every kid that gets to grow up thinking sawdust is just as fun as a sandbox!
                      (A*** 13 months old handing sawdust/shavings to her daddy)
                               (A*** nearly 3 years old playing in the cart full of sawdust! :)


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That picture of your little one is SO cute!! Frame it! :)

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