Aug 23, 2011

It Works! The ultimate body applicator Review

I will start off by saying I did not think this was going to work at all, but I won it in a giveaway from

It Works {Amy Whiteside}(those facebook quick games can be addicting!) so I decided I would try it and see.  I know several people who are like me and think "yeah right, what a gimmick!"  

I am not a large person to begin with, but I am also not skinny.  I gained lots of weight with both my pregnancies and got impressively large in the belly (so lots of stretchmarks and loose skin afterwards!):
According to the It Works product description:

Aug 14, 2011

Our business-Cutting board production

Here is a picture post (mostly) on how we make our cutting boards.  It is done in a production run set up.  Some of the wood we mill ourselves from logs that we gather from others.

We then get the logs to a size where we can mill them into more usable size rough sawn boards

These boards are then stacked up on concrete blocks and covered to air dry.  A "rule of thumb" is it takes up to 1 year for each 1" of thickness of the board.  So the 2" thick boards will take 2 years to be dry and usable.  They are covered with old pool tarps (given to us by the neighbors son who replaced pool tarps)

After they are mostly dried we bring them inside to finish drying so that we can plane them down to use. 

After they are planed down to our desired thickness they are then cut into 3/4" strips and put on our organizing cart by wood types.

They are then laid out into various patterns then glued and clamped together.

After the glue dries and the clamps are removed the boards are then planed smooth and cut down to the size they need to be.

They are then sanded and have the edges rounded.  Then put in the finish room to be oiled.  We use Tried and True danish oils: True boiled linseed oil.  An organic food safe oil derived from the flax plant. (Yes I have my baby on my back...he just fell asleep when this picture was taken :)

The finish product is a gorgeous functional piece of kitchenware! *Pictured is our large (12.5"x16"x3/4" not including handle) cutting board with handle and juice groove (retail value $31.00 plus shipping)

Aug 10, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Bubby- 5 months

   Little Missy -  3 years

Aug 9, 2011

Little Missy's Birthday party

This past weekend was Little Missy's 3rd birthday and party!  She had lots of fun and lots of cake!  We had family over, including some out of town family.  So that was nice.  Nothing real big and fancy but still fun for her.  For those interested here are some pictures. :)

In her tent from her grandma and grandpa 

      Playing with Great Grandma 

Reading with Great grandpa


 The cake.  She picked out the animals for me to decorate it with.

Great-grandparents with the littlest great-grandbabies :)

Great-grandpa on Little Missy's new horse

Aug 6, 2011

Keep looking for a Giveaway!!!

We will have our first review/giveaway shortly!!!  Wonderfully sponsored by Cranky Cat Studio baby and toddler fashion so be sure and show her some <3.  You won't want to miss this!  She makes and sells some cool things!
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Aug 5, 2011

Little Missy's Birthday!

Today was Little Missy's 3rd birthday!  I can't believe it has been 3 years already.  I had a fairly easy pregnancy.  I worked all the way up until the day before I had her.  I had fully expected to be overdue with her since my mom had all 3 of her kids at 42 weeks.  So I was not really mentally ready when she decided to make her appearance 1.5weeks early.

Here I am 38 weeks pregnant...just 3.5 days before she arrived.

Little Missy arrived Aug 5, 2008 at around 8:30pm after  6.5hours of labor.  Here she is 1 week old with her best bud, our Siberian Husky, Katy.

Now look how much she has grown in her 3 years!