Sep 30, 2011

Auction For Izzy 'superman' OPEN!!

The Auction for Izzy is OPEN on my facebook page: HERE
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Some of the items up are a candle, discounts to shops, hair bows, therapearl gift basket, It Works! items, purses/bags, cart cover, photo session, web hosting, reusable mop heads, child behavior items, baby signs kit, and much more!!!  I am also still accepting sponsors so more items may be added! :)  Let's spread the word and get lots of money raised for this sweet boy!

Sep 29, 2011

Dibs! is having an Action Baby Carrier Review and Giveaway!

Dibs!: Action Baby Carrier Review and Giveaway!: The Action Baby Carrier is manufactured by Optave Inc., a Michigan corporation. Optave Inc was founded in 2006 by Angela and Scott A...

Sep 26, 2011

Cranky Cat Studio Baby and Toddler Fashion Review & Giveaway!

Cranky Cat studio offers lots of cute items for boys and girls!  Some of the items are: bandana pants/dresses, dress up costumes, awesome bibs, receiving blankets, reusable bags, and more!  You check out some of her items on her facebook page, etsy page, and on her bonanza page

First I have to say how cute these tutu overalls are!  I have been contemplating getting them for a while now, and was so excited when I won a $20 gift certificate (which is what YOU can win here as well! Yay!)
The item for review on Little Missy (who loves getting mail and couldn't wait to put it on):

Can you see the excitement in her face? :)
I asked her to smile...looks a little evil to me.

First caring for your tutu overalls (or really anything with tulle) is really simple.  You can either hand wash or machine wash on the gently cycle and hang to dry.  Putting tulle in the dryer can cause it to dry out and become brittle. 

Sep 22, 2011

Sponsor Spotlight: and Mimi's Attic

Kyleigh's Closet is run by self-professed show addict and WAHM to 3 girls, Julia.  She works when she can, without any real set hours.  She does give herself a break from her work, where she will only check in and not be on the computer (a good idea for everyone, I think!).  She is able to work a little more now that 2 of her 3 are in school, and the youngest is happy to play by herself for a time.   

One question I asked was how her business go started her answer (which I love!) "I love babies, I love baby toes, I fell in love with Robeez because they were so cute but also pediatrician recommended. They protect little feet without constricting them. When I realized I had 79 pair & my last baby was growing out of them my hubby suggested I start a website to sell then instead of eBay. This opened the door for me to keep buying them (that’s the fun part) I now have 700 pair!"   Julia needed a break from just being "mom" (what mom doesn't at times!) so she has built her little business up.  It is not enough to pay the bills, but it is enough to put a little extra in her wallet for other occasions.   So how does she keep ALL those shoes organized and ready to be packaged/shipped?

Behold her "closet"

And my hubs says I have alot of shoes! HA.

She has great customer service and her shipping rates are impressive!  I have ordered a pair of shoes from her (a review to come later...sooner if my boy keeps growing like crazy!  I had hoped to give them as a Christmas gift :)  I also ordered a few other items online around the same time (a little earlier actually).  Hers arrived days before the other things!  She also accepts returns! She strives to go above and beyond the normal/expected standards of customer service!

Sep 18, 2011

Networked blogs!

You can now follow this blog via networked blogs for facebook!

Sep 15, 2011

Sponsor Spotlight: Adornwithaandm and Melissa Fauser, your Independent It Works Distributor

This is a wonderful small business run by Amy a WAHM to 7 kids (ranging from 21 months to 15 years!).  Amy started Adornwithaandm as a way of keeping busy in a small town with no other WAHMs.  She also wanted to keep in touch with her friend, Marnie (thus the name adorn with A(my) and M(arnie).  Amy is the workforce behind the business working at least 20 hours a week making all sorts of items, from reading pillows, sock critters, pan scrubbies and dish cloths, chalk holders to the travel chalkboard mat that she has generously offered up for the auction for Izzy!
The current bid is only $5!

Sep 14, 2011

Sep 12, 2011

Hide and Hammer Leather review

Hide and Hammer Leatherworks Review:

This is my brother in law's business and I never thought I would be doing an actual review of his products, but since he has graciously donated a hand-bound leather notebook with linen paper to the benefit auction for Izzy, I am doing a sponsor spotlight/review to help others learn about his products.

Brad's products are very well and meticulously made.  I never realized how much went into the leather bound books that he makes (same as the one he has donated for the auction) until I watched him hand bind them and put them together while on our family vacation this past may.  The current bid for this well-crafted book is just $5.00!

According to Brad: "Hide and Hammer Leather Works is devoted to producing quality leather goods that reconstruct the nostalgia of our history, as well as embracing the creation and design of more modern leather products."

Sep 9, 2011

Auction for Izzy Sponsor Spotlights: DawnLucille & This Flourishing Life

Dawn is a Stay at home mom with a great hobby.  She doesn't consider herself a WAHM as she only really crochets her absolutely adorable hats while the baby is sleeping or playing.  Like many other SAHM Dawn started crocheting as a way to keep her hands busy while at home with the baby.  She started out making hats friends and her baby.  As happens many times, people asked about her hats and orders were places and DawnLucille came about! She works about 10-15 hours/week (sometimes on weekends/holidays if orders need filled), but family and baby come first!
Here is the hat you can bid on for the auction (this one or you can customize it with your own colors and size!)
The current bid is $11, with FREE shipping!

Aaron on WXIN Penrod arts fair preview

He is in the first minute of the segment. A very short blurb but still a great job!


Disclaimer: All posts and opinions are my own. They may not be the same as yours, but being individuals I can't please everybody. However this is my blog :P

Sep 6, 2011

What it means to be a WAHM/SAHM with a job :)

I have been gathering sponsors for the upcoming Auction for Izzy (opening Sept 7) many of whom I have contacted have been smaller businesses or work at home mom/dad/grandparents businesses. Not all of them hand-make their products. Some aren't even products at all, but services provided to others. I will be doing an individual sponsor spotlight on each one throughout the course of the auction, but for now I wanted to post on mostly what it means to be a Work at home --.

Overall Dickinson Custom Furniture is a run by my hubs, Aaron. He is the work horse, working 12-16 hour days. Most days! Yes we are self-employed and can make our own hours and pay ourselves, but the customer still wants their projects completed in a timely manner, if they don't get done we don't get paid, etc.   What that really means is, we work hard and get very little monetary compensation, but love what we do. I am a WAHM, I take care of our kids (3 yr old Little Missy and nearly 6 month old Bubby), run the website , manage our etsy, facebook, art/craft  show schedule and I also scroll saw and help out in the shop when I can.

Our interview on Indy Style tv

Here is Aaron's tv segment from Indy style done in April:

Made from local wood:

Auction For Izzy 'superman'

I just wanted to let my readers know that I am putting together a benefit auction, on facebook, for a wonderful little boy, Israel Newswanger.

A quick recap of his story:
Izzy nearly died of SIDS at 5 months old (he stopped breathing for an estimated 20-30 min).  October will mark 1 year since this nearly tragic incident.   He suffered an unknown amount of brain damage and it has been a long and expensive road of recovery (around $1000/week).  He is responding better than the doctors expected (they really didn't expect him to live), but still needs constant care and therapy.  You can read his story here:

I am searching for sponsors for the auction (which is set to run Sept 7-Sept 30).  ALL proceeds raised go straight to Danielle's (Izzy's mom) account.  So I don't get the money, to reassure others that the auction will benefit the Izzy's family.  If anyone is interested in sponsoring any item please email me for more information.  You can also go to my facebook page and read the Notes I posted.

Please spread the word so that we can raise lots of money to help this young family and beautiful boy.

Sep 3, 2011

Wish upon a bowtique review

First I am going to say these are just adorable!  I won a game of chance on Wish upon a bowtique's  facebook page for a free mystery gift, and I received these 2 bows!