Sep 9, 2011

Auction for Izzy Sponsor Spotlights: DawnLucille & This Flourishing Life

Dawn is a Stay at home mom with a great hobby.  She doesn't consider herself a WAHM as she only really crochets her absolutely adorable hats while the baby is sleeping or playing.  Like many other SAHM Dawn started crocheting as a way to keep her hands busy while at home with the baby.  She started out making hats friends and her baby.  As happens many times, people asked about her hats and orders were places and DawnLucille came about! She works about 10-15 hours/week (sometimes on weekends/holidays if orders need filled), but family and baby come first!
Here is the hat you can bid on for the auction (this one or you can customize it with your own colors and size!)
The current bid is $11, with FREE shipping!

This Flourishing Life:
Is a God focused blog ran by Erica.  She works on keeping her blog and facebook updated around 14 hours a week.  She started blogging as a way to share her pregnancy story because she was very sick and ended up on bedrest for 5 months! (I would have gone nuts!).   She has now expanded and is doing reviews and giveaways!  She is currently having a 300 fan celebration on her blog HERE (be sure and check it out it ends 9/14!).  As with many WAHMs she gets most of her work done while her son is napping.  She manages to keep everything going as long as she remembers to keep her priorities in order and "stay focused and remind (herself)  that first comes God, then (her) husband and son, and finally the blog."  Erica  has graciously offered a 1-month blog ad on her blog for the benefit auction for Izzy.  The current bid is $15.

Thank you!  Your donations are helping raise money for a great cause!  For more information on the family the auction benefits please go HERE.
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