Sep 26, 2011

Cranky Cat Studio Baby and Toddler Fashion Review & Giveaway!

Cranky Cat studio offers lots of cute items for boys and girls!  Some of the items are: bandana pants/dresses, dress up costumes, awesome bibs, receiving blankets, reusable bags, and more!  You check out some of her items on her facebook page, etsy page, and on her bonanza page

First I have to say how cute these tutu overalls are!  I have been contemplating getting them for a while now, and was so excited when I won a $20 gift certificate (which is what YOU can win here as well! Yay!)
The item for review on Little Missy (who loves getting mail and couldn't wait to put it on):

Can you see the excitement in her face? :)
I asked her to smile...looks a little evil to me.

First caring for your tutu overalls (or really anything with tulle) is really simple.  You can either hand wash or machine wash on the gently cycle and hang to dry.  Putting tulle in the dryer can cause it to dry out and become brittle. 

The tutu overalls are very well made!  After a couple hours of wearing it the tulle got really tangled!  I just ran my hands through it several times to get it worked back out to looking straight and fluffy again.  Not a problem!  Little Missy didn't care if it got tangled, she just ran and rolled around in it.
I asked her to sit still so I could get a picture.
Another day wearing it and spinning around.

All the individual pieces of tulle are very well tied onto the, what looks like a canvas (heavy cotton type) strap which is sewn onto the overall top.  The colors are so adorable that I am tempted to let Little Missy wear it as her mermaid outfit for Halloween (though I have already started her mermaid tail :)  

Little Missy calls it her Church dress.  So has worn it to church the past couple of weeks!  Everyone kept telling her how cute it was! They were even more impressed and interested with it when they realized that the overalls were attached to the tutu.  What a great idea!  I know Little Missy doesn't really like to wear just a tutu skirt so I am very happy that she loves her tutu overalls.
At church with daddy (sorry for the poor cell pictures)

Playing with blocks at church (again cell picture)
 The overall are also made well enough that they have survived being rolled on and chewed on by Bubby our 6 month old big boy (who looks cute in a tutu too :)

Buy one:  You can buy one like this (in the colors/size of your choice) for just $30!  Super cute and worth it.  She also has lots of other cute items available.

Enter to WIN a $20 gift certificate to use on a Cranky Cat Studio order!   Just use the rafflecopter widget below (You must do the 2 mandatory entries before any of the others):

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bama_candy2002 said...

If i win i'd probably get the pants for my grandson since the girls are always getting things won in giveaways.
Sheila Colbert

Gaile Gray said...

I've been a fan of Cranky Cat for a while now, and I love the bibs that I see in the shop. And now, in Halloween prints? Sweet!!!

Gaile Gray said...

I would love to get some of the terrific Cranky Cat Studios bibs for my granddaughter. They're so cute and durable, and I love the new Halloween prints!! <3

Anonymous said...

If I won I would use my GC on the adorablely cute tutu overalls.:) I have 2 granddaughters that would look awesome in them. :)
Ronda T.

Shirley said...

I think I'd like to get the flannel receiving blankets

deanna said...


Erin said...

probably a tutu for my niece

e.ringwald at

Aar Riyad said...

nice items.those r realy good.