Sep 12, 2011

Hide and Hammer Leather review

Hide and Hammer Leatherworks Review:

This is my brother in law's business and I never thought I would be doing an actual review of his products, but since he has graciously donated a hand-bound leather notebook with linen paper to the benefit auction for Izzy, I am doing a sponsor spotlight/review to help others learn about his products.

Brad's products are very well and meticulously made.  I never realized how much went into the leather bound books that he makes (same as the one he has donated for the auction) until I watched him hand bind them and put them together while on our family vacation this past may.  The current bid for this well-crafted book is just $5.00!

According to Brad: "Hide and Hammer Leather Works is devoted to producing quality leather goods that reconstruct the nostalgia of our history, as well as embracing the creation and design of more modern leather products."

The first thing Brad made for us was a pair of leather shoes for Little Missy.  They are simple in design yet work very well.  She wore them for about 3 months when she was crawling then walking and they have held up great.  I now brought them back out for Bubby to wear (though it is still a bit warm for shoes most days).

                              Here is Little Missy at 10 months in her shoes from her Uncle Brad

He also made a bow quiver and arrows for Aaron (though Aaron has yet to finish the bow to go with it, it is actually still down in our basement in mostly a big stick form).  He also made Aaron a pair of fur lined house shoes.  They are super soft inside, though can be a bit warm.  Great for the winter months.

Some other things that he has made are tie on sandals for a friend at church, some messenger bags, reupholstered ottoman, fur lined hats, leather pouches (he even made me one for my diaper bag to hold the medicine, wipes, etc!), and even dog harnesses.  We have a Siberian Husky and the harness works great for her to pull a wagon load of wood or kids in the snow :)

There are so many things that he has made, I wish I had pictures of them all to show off!  If you have any specific questions about his work please leave a comment with an email and I will forward them to him or answer to the best of my abilities.

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