Sep 15, 2011

Sponsor Spotlight: Adornwithaandm and Melissa Fauser, your Independent It Works Distributor

This is a wonderful small business run by Amy a WAHM to 7 kids (ranging from 21 months to 15 years!).  Amy started Adornwithaandm as a way of keeping busy in a small town with no other WAHMs.  She also wanted to keep in touch with her friend, Marnie (thus the name adorn with A(my) and M(arnie).  Amy is the workforce behind the business working at least 20 hours a week making all sorts of items, from reading pillows, sock critters, pan scrubbies and dish cloths, chalk holders to the travel chalkboard mat that she has generously offered up for the auction for Izzy!
The current bid is only $5!

She currently has 171 items for sale in her etsy store: adornwithaandm, and has made over 900 etsy sales!  Amy does try and get most of her work done while the kids are at school or down for nap or after they have gone to bed. Being a WAHM she does work with her children alongside (and occasionally helping out), though she admits to allowing them to watch a bit more tv to be able to get custom projects finished in a timely manner.  She works hard to get all her order finished and shipped, but also tries to leave the evenings open for her kids (helping with homework, practicing piano, reading, etc).

Melissa Fauser, your Independent It Works Distributor
Melissa is a legal assistant in the energy, oil and gas industry working 35 hours a week.  She gets Wednesdays and weekends off, but always tries to make time to build up her It Works side business and help her team and customers.  She started looking into It Works after she participated in a wrap party and lost 5 inches by the next day!  She fell in love with the products and so she became a distributor so she could share her love and help others get healthy and get their confidence back. She does not currently have any kids, but is hoping to be in a place, financially, that when she does, she will be able to stay home with them while keeping a strong relationship with her husband.  Melissa has offered an Ultimate Facial Package in the Auction for Izzy, a $210 value, currently the high bid is only $20 (with free shipping)!!!
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