Sep 22, 2011

Sponsor Spotlight: and Mimi's Attic

Kyleigh's Closet is run by self-professed show addict and WAHM to 3 girls, Julia.  She works when she can, without any real set hours.  She does give herself a break from her work, where she will only check in and not be on the computer (a good idea for everyone, I think!).  She is able to work a little more now that 2 of her 3 are in school, and the youngest is happy to play by herself for a time.   

One question I asked was how her business go started her answer (which I love!) "I love babies, I love baby toes, I fell in love with Robeez because they were so cute but also pediatrician recommended. They protect little feet without constricting them. When I realized I had 79 pair & my last baby was growing out of them my hubby suggested I start a website to sell then instead of eBay. This opened the door for me to keep buying them (that’s the fun part) I now have 700 pair!"   Julia needed a break from just being "mom" (what mom doesn't at times!) so she has built her little business up.  It is not enough to pay the bills, but it is enough to put a little extra in her wallet for other occasions.   So how does she keep ALL those shoes organized and ready to be packaged/shipped?

Behold her "closet"

And my hubs says I have alot of shoes! HA.

She has great customer service and her shipping rates are impressive!  I have ordered a pair of shoes from her (a review to come later...sooner if my boy keeps growing like crazy!  I had hoped to give them as a Christmas gift :)  I also ordered a few other items online around the same time (a little earlier actually).  Hers arrived days before the other things!  She also accepts returns! She strives to go above and beyond the normal/expected standards of customer service!

KyleighsCloset is offering your choice of headband or tie plus a 15% off (already great priced) item in her store in the Auction for Izzy.  The current bid is only $1.50!

Mimi's attic is run by Trudy or Mimi, as her gradnkids call her, thus the name.  She works about 30 hours a week making some very cute diaper covers, burp cloths, diapers, bibs, some mama cloth, and much more!  She gets a lot of her work done late at night or "whenever the sewjo strikes".  Mimi stopped working full time outside the home due to health reasons, and started sewing things for her grandkids to keep herself busy.  It has since evolved into nearly 2,200  fans following on facebook.  Being a WAHMimi is nice because she can "be productive and creative while bringing in some money" and she is able to set her own hours and she can control how much she takes on to not push past her physical limitations.  

Mimi's Attic has graciously offered 3 embellished burp cloths to the benefit auction for Izzy.  The current bid is only $1.00

I have some of her newer version contoured burp cloths and they are so cute! 


Here is an adorable Sesame Street set: OS Diaper cover, Wet bag (holds 4-5 diapers),  Reversible bib, and 2 reversible wipes.

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