Oct 7, 2011

Our Business- Making Mugs

Here is a rough explanation (or a photo blog really) on how Aaron makes the travel/coffee, desk mugs.  (I can't share all our secrets...ok we really don't have any, but Aaron HATES having his picture taken)

Here is our wood storage room (aka the shop garage)
First we have our boards

We cut/plane down the boards to be used in gluing up mug blanks.  We do make some mugs from solid chunks of wood, but they are harder to come by and if we have to buy them, they are expensive. 
Then we cut them down to size, if they are a glued up/multi-wood mug

Several blanks glued and clamped up

Here are just 2 of the blanks after they have been taken out of the clamps and had the glue planed/cut off to make them into 4"x4" square blocks.  The height varies on what design Aaron is planning on making.
(Left) a 4"x4" solid block of maple mug blank, (right) A multi wood mug blank

He makes this look so easy!  I have tried it and I will say, I am horrible!  I will stick to scroll sawing which he thinks I make look easy and he can't really do :) 
(I will have to do a blog post about my scroll work sometime).
They are then turned on the lathe to make them round and to hollow them out

Here they are in the finish room being sprayed.  I missed Aaron gluing up the handles.  They are made with several thin pieces of wood glued together in a jig Aaron made to bend them to shape (aka bent lamination).
They are then sprayed with a semi-gloss clear coat, making them pretty and able to get wet

If they have handles they are then added using wood dowel pins

Here are some that are now finished and have the stainless steel inserts glued in.  They are now ready to be sold.
16oz travel mugs $42 no handle, $52 with handle +shipping

14oz and 16oz desk mugs $52 +shipping

Caring for your mugs:

-This mug contains a stainless steel liner with a stainless steel and plastic lid.  The body is wood with a hard  thick finish on it. It does not need oil to maintain it. 
-As with other travel mugs, NEVER put your mug in the dishwasher!
-Hand wash with hot soapy water.  Do not let sit in water!

Disclaimer: All posts and opinions are my own. They may not be the same as yours, but being individuals I can't please everybody. However this is my blog :P


Rita VonCoupon said...

WOW! Those are beautiful!

Thanks for joining in the Alexa weekend hop. :)


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hopping by from the Alexa hop... Since I already follow I gave you an Alexa Review! those cups are amazing! great pics too!