Oct 28, 2011

Pj's Monkey Butt Trainer Review & Giveaway!

Congrats to Mandy Kauffman for winning the Pj's monkey butt trainer!  You have been emailed please contact me within 48 hours to claim your prize :)

First I would like to thank Jamie with Pj's Monkey Butt   for sponsoring the giveaway that accompanies this review.

Jamie started her WAHM business in May shortly after the birth of her son.  She makes all kinds of great items from the trainers I got to review, to cloth diapers, nursing covers, mei tai carriers (which I am totally thinking about getting, though I really don't need another carrier :) and personalized blankets
As an part time ECing mommy I wanted to have Bubby in mostly trainers when he hit 6 months old.  As a WAHM myself, I love to support others like my.  So when the opportunity to review 3 custom made WAHM trainers came it was too good to pass up!  For review I received 2 daytime (dogs and dinos) and 1 night time (cow) trainer.  These trainers are made with Outer Flannel/knit with hidden PUL, inner Flannel, the Soaker is 2 layers of zorb for daytime and 3 layers for nighttime.

As you can see they have held up great!  They have faded just a little bit, but not enough to make them less cute.  I also almost EBF (we are just introducing solids) and these contain the messes better than most of my diapers!  These are trainers so Bubby does feel the wet, thus the flannel inner.  They do have a hidden layer of PUL but they will soak through, again these are trainers, so this is a good thing. :)  I have found that he does cue me more to take him potty when he is wearing his Pj's Monkey Butt trainers over his other diapers (with the fleece inners so he doesn't feel the wet)

Here he is the first time wearing his trainers at 6 months old (22 lbs).  They are a little snug on the thighs, but most things are!  They don't leave red marks unless he is wet in them for a little while, which is probably due more to urine irritation than being tight. 

One month later and I finally remembered to take a picture of the snap settings.  These would be great for smaller ECed babies as well.  Bubby is on the last snap for thigh and the 2nd over for waist (which has a lot of stretch, he just has a big belly for it to fit over and it stays up fine and holds in messes great without making it tighter)

Bubby is starting to try and crawl now, mostly he just bounces on his butt to get anywhere, but I have no problems with him working his way out of these!  (He has started to undo hook/loop diapers, which is what we mostly have).  They are so trim, but work perfect!  Look how nicely it covers his backside.  Great full coverage without the bulk.

I love this picture.  Little Missy wanted me to take a picture of her being like Bubby in his diaper.  She has also laid out all different diapers for me to take pictures of since I took the ones for the review! :)

 These are by far my favorite trainers I have tried!  So whether you are an ECing an infant or traditionally potty training your toddler/child, these trainers work great!  I can't really judge how they work as a pull up/down type trainer as Bubby doesn't stand unsupported for me to try, and since he is still mostly non-mobile his thighs are still very chunky to try and pull anything over them :)

Buy some:  Daytime trainers are $15.00  Nighttime trainers are $18.00

Win One!  Pj's Monkey Butt has graciously offered 1 daytime trainer!  Winner must pay $3 shipping.  To enter just fill out the rafflecopter form below:

Disclaimer: I received these items at a discount as part of a tester group, no other compensation was given.  All posts and opinions are my own. They may not be the same as yours, but being individuals I can't please everybody. However this is my blog :P


Erica said...

The Football Crazy print!


katers2714 said...

Dino land is my favorite!

Tara said...

Monkeys on Green is my fave!

KristaM said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Love yours as well! This post made me laugh because we found a kitten at work this week, and decided to name her Monkey Butt :)


zookeeper said...

Monkey's on green..."Bananas for you!" is my favorite.
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Charis's Mum said...

My favorite fabric is plaid owls.

Amy said...

I like the camo, as long as it can be separated from the rest of the medly...I have a boy.

Sunni Faries said...

I like the dinos but my LO would love the football print!

kmdez said...

I like the leopard print :)

kmdez said...

I like the leopard print :)

Heather said...

I am in love with the Dancing monkeys with records! I want a nursery with Sock moneys and think it fits right in with us!

Lindsey said...

The Turquoise Zebra is my favorite!


Mandy Kauffman said...

I like the Aliens pattern! :)


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I like pears n apples.

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