Dec 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Meet the Family!

Family picture taken by Daisy Photography this fall.

Christmas :)
Bubby with Little Missy's new princess box

Little Missy and Daddy figuring out her new crane :)

Bubby likes the blocks!

Dec 21, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Nearly Christmas

Fluffy Rumps Review

I bought these fleece covers from FluffyRumps last month and have been using them constantly to get good use out of them and see how they hold up.  I am never sure what size to get since he is still young and just starting to be mobile, so I emailed Rhonda and gave some details and she replied promptly as to the size suggestions.  So I purchased a Large regular soaker to use under Bubby's pants and such (he was 24lb at 8 months old, now is 25lbs at 9 months):
Isn't the snowman so cute!
These work great!  The rise is high enough to cover his diaper completely and it is still trim to fit under his pants.

Dec 9, 2011

Little Bear Bums Wipes and Cubes review

I recently won a sampler of wipe cubes (white tea and ginger) and a set of wipes from Little Bear Bums.
My first impression was the wipes (sherpa/velour) are SO soft and the wipe cubes smelled so good!  I went out that day and bought a new spray bottle to put my wipe solution in!

To make up the wipes solution is super easy as well.  I just recently started making the switch to cloth wipes and this was the first wipe cube solution I have used.  All you do to make up the solution is boil a cup of water, toss in a cube, wait a few seconds for it to dissolve and it is ready to either pour over your wipes, or as in my case, let it cool a bit and pour into your spray bottle.

Dec 7, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Having fun being a kid!

Disclaimer: All posts and opinions are my own. They may not be the same as yours, but being individuals I can't please everybody. However this is my blog :P

Dec 5, 2011

Our business-Past Work: Scroll Work

Here is a small post about my part in the business.   Being "Woodworking Momma" I should do woodworking, so here is what I do (all using the simple machine in my blog button picture).

Simple things like Christmas ornaments:

Fretwork pieces: