Dec 21, 2011

Fluffy Rumps Review

I bought these fleece covers from FluffyRumps last month and have been using them constantly to get good use out of them and see how they hold up.  I am never sure what size to get since he is still young and just starting to be mobile, so I emailed Rhonda and gave some details and she replied promptly as to the size suggestions.  So I purchased a Large regular soaker to use under Bubby's pants and such (he was 24lb at 8 months old, now is 25lbs at 9 months):
Isn't the snowman so cute!
These work great!  The rise is high enough to cover his diaper completely and it is still trim to fit under his pants.
I also purchased Large shorties to have him wear around with just leggings under since I do ECing with him I am always looking for ways to make it easier to take him potty when he needs to go.
The sewn in soaker in them is perfect for use with his prefolds and fitteds.  I have put him to nap with just this as a cover and only once has he soaked through it (and he is a super soaker!)

The rise is a little low in the back for some of his fitted diapers, but it doesn't seem to affect the function.

After a full month of constant use (and regular washing) it is about time that I use some fabric softener on them to help increase their ability to repel.  Like all fleece it also picks up sawdust and wood shavings great, so I have to make sure not to let him crawl around our workshop or I will be taking tape to the fleece again to try and clean them up before washing. :)

Overall I love my fleece from FluffyRumps and recommend them to anyone looking for affordable and cute covers for the their diapers.  

Rhonda has so many options to choose from: regular soakers, sew your own kits, longies, skirties, newborn soaker sacks, PUL covers, trainers, and even sock monkeys and hats!

Her prices are also great ranging from around $5-$25.  You can buy the fleece soaker like the ones I have for $10-$11 each...and she always has FREE shipping, even to Canada!

She is also going to be sponsoring in the Winter Wonderland Giveaway starting Jan 9!   You can enter to win your choice of a soaker, a pair of single layer longies, a teething necklace, or a $10 credit toward a larger purchase!

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