Dec 9, 2011

Little Bear Bums Wipes and Cubes review

I recently won a sampler of wipe cubes (white tea and ginger) and a set of wipes from Little Bear Bums.
My first impression was the wipes (sherpa/velour) are SO soft and the wipe cubes smelled so good!  I went out that day and bought a new spray bottle to put my wipe solution in!

To make up the wipes solution is super easy as well.  I just recently started making the switch to cloth wipes and this was the first wipe cube solution I have used.  All you do to make up the solution is boil a cup of water, toss in a cube, wait a few seconds for it to dissolve and it is ready to either pour over your wipes, or as in my case, let it cool a bit and pour into your spray bottle.
I will admit it took me a bit to use these super soft wipes on Bubby's dirty bottom.  I kept pulling them out to wipe snotty noses instead.  I have now used them and washed them several times since getting them and they are still as soft and nice as ever.  They are always in rotation to be used.  It used to take several wipes to get his bum clean, but now I can get most with just 1!  Overall the wipes are great, easy to use and super soft.  The wipe solution doesn't irritate his sensitive skin and gets him clean and leaves him smelling nice!

You can buy these and more in her Hyena Cart Store
Wipes just $1.25 and the cubes are $5.50 for 3 oz (40-50 cups solution!)

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