Dec 5, 2011

Our business-Past Work: Scroll Work

Here is a small post about my part in the business.   Being "Woodworking Momma" I should do woodworking, so here is what I do (all using the simple machine in my blog button picture).

Simple things like Christmas ornaments:

Fretwork pieces:

Segmentation (single piece of Hard maple cut out and sanded, dyed/stained, 
and glued back together to make a 3D effect)

All three items were taken from personal photos

Marquetry (cut out veneer put together as a picture):

Disclaimer: All posts and opinions are my own. They may not be the same as yours, but being individuals I can't please everybody. However this is my blog :P

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Suzanne -USA Freebies N Deals said...

Wow! Beautiful work! I'm a new follower from MBC.
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