Jan 25, 2012

Kyleigh's Closet Review

KyleighsCloset.com is run by self-professed shoe addict and WAHM to 3 girls, Julia.  She works when she can, without any real set hours.  She does give herself a break from her work, where she will only check in and not be on the computer (a good idea for everyone, I think!).  She is able to work a little more now that 2 of her 3 are in school, and the youngest is happy to play by herself for a time.   

One question I asked was how her business got started her answer (which I love!) "I love babies, I love baby toes, I fell in love with Robeez because they were so cute but also pediatrician recommended. They protect little feet without constricting them. When I realized I had 79 pair & my last baby was growing out of them my hubby suggested I start a website to sell then instead of eBay. This opened the door for me to keep buying them (that’s the fun part) I now have 700 pair!"   Julia needed a break from just being "mom" (what mom doesn't at times!) so she has built her little business up.  It is not enough to pay the bills, but it is enough to put a little extra in her wallet for other occasions.   So how does she keep ALL those shoes organized and ready to be packaged/shipped?

Behold her "closet"

And my hubs says I have a lot of shoes! HA.

Not only does she sell shoes but she also has pettiskirts, tutus, wings, ties, headbands and more!
Be sure to check out her facebook and webpage for her very reasonably priced items!

On to the review.  I bought these Jack and Lilly puppy shoes from her bargain basement they had a little scuff mark on the toe but other than that were in great condition:

I also ordered a few other items online around the same time (a little earlier actually).  Her shoes arrived days before the other things!  She also accepts returns! She strives to go above and beyond the normal/expected standards of customer service!

The shoes are little tight on Bubby's ankles but his feet are so chubby anything leaves red marks.  Bubby didn't seem to mind at all.

They also didn't seem to impede his moving around (in fact it was nearly impossible to get decent pictures with him in the shoes because he wouldn't sit still).  They also never came off, even during diaper changes when he likes to put his feet in his mouth.

The first time he ever let go of my hand to just stand!
We don't need more shoes, but I still stalk Kyleigh's Closet to see what new shoes she has, just in case there is a pair that my kids just "need" :)

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Kyleigh's Closet said...

And that's only about a quarter of the "Closet" ;-)
Thanks for the great review!