Feb 27, 2012

Our business-Recent work: Cedar Chest

Success is both good and bad.  The good is obvious, it means we have work!  We are continually blessed with work.  Throughout the year we are vendors at various farmer's markets selling our kitchenware, in the fall we start up our several art/craft shows selling it.  In the winter the amount of shows/markets that we can do decrease to nearly none (after all we are in Indiana, winter is not the best time to try and do shows) so we are always worried we won't have enough work to pay the bills. So when we get swamped in winter we are excited for the work!
The bad is what many do not seem to think about with many that run their own business...it means longer hours working to get the project(s) done in the time frames given. Aaron won the bid on doing a huge furniture job, but it means he is starting to stress to make sure he comes within the budgeted amount and within their expected time frame.  He also still has to keep up with the kitchenware are our more stable income comes in from the  markets done weekly.   The stress is what really gets to him, with him sleeping less and stressing more, he is so much more likely to get sick and stay sick.  It is so hard to convince him to take it easy as soon as he starts to feel bad so that he can get back to work sooner than if he decides to run himself to the ground.  Sadly the reason it is so hard is because our clients expect their work to be done when they want it, without regard to our family or other circumstances.  Anyway on to our most recent work...

Our most recent project that we finished up and delivered over the weekend was a beautiful cedar chest with marquetry inlay tulips on the top.  I cut made and cut out all the flowers and the center oval, then Aaron added the white vines and leaves when he inlaid them into the lid.  Overall I am very pleased with how nice it turned out.
Showing the beautiful marquetry work on top.

Unfinished on the inside so it still has the aromatic cedar smell when you open it.
Side view for size comparison this is at the foot of a king size bed

It was so nice to be back out in the shop doing the marquetry.  Ever since having the kids, I have not been able to do my scroll work like I used to.  It was just so refreshing, and I love to do  marquetry.  We are actually trying to think of more items I could do marquetry on that we make.  So far we are thinking on putting marquetry pictures on the lids of our recipe boxes.   What do you think?  Below is our current type of recipe box.  They all have different patterns on the top, but would marquetry pictures be a good addition to the designs? 

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