Mar 27, 2012

We have Kids (goat kids!)

We have been waiting for our goat to kid for a while now.  She didn't seem very big and we were hoping for 2, but were doubtful because of her size.  Well surprise...She had 4 Sunday afternoon!  2 boys and 2 girls. 

very far one boy, then girl, boy, and girl
I am not sure when the first boy (now named Carmel, I will post a picture of him later) was born.  Sky didn't even make any noise, I just kept looking out the window and once I saw this little thing walk across the doorway of the goat shed (around 2:30).  I called my neighbor, Sarah, away from a birthday party she was at to let her know and to have her come home just in case something went wrong.  Well it did!  After looking online again and double checking information, we decided that she did have at least one more in her and it wasn't coming out.  We checked for more by "bouncing" Sky's belly to see if we felt anymore lumpy, knobby bits.  Sarah then got ready to help deliver the stuck kid.  After nearly an hour of waiting (poor Sky!) we got #2 a girl out (named Oreo).  She was apparently stuck pretty good, Sarah said she thought she broke her leg because of a "pop" when she was trying to position the kid to come out, but she came out and was on her feet quickly.  After Oreo was taken out the next one came out within 6 min and really no fuss on Sky's part!  After a few minutes of  getting the 3rd kid a boy settled and nursed a bit Sky started to bear down/push again, but nothing happened.  We "bounced" her belly again and decided that yes there was another in there, so we gave her 15 min to try and get it out on her own.  After that Sarah got ready again as I held Sky and pet her to try and keep her in place and calm as Sarah went in to help deliver the last and 4th kid, another girl.  All in all it took about 2 hours for all 4 babies to get here.

People say Girls are the difficult ones and that was definitely true for Sky's birth!  We have sold 2 already to be raised bottle fed.  It was sad to see them go so early but we know it will be easier for Sky to only deal with 2, especially after such a difficult birth.

Ok now on to a few picutres :)
Shortly after Carmel was born

Happy mamma looking over a couple kids sleeping.  The one with more white is our girl Oreo, the black one is the boy we sold

Carmel...isn't he SO cute!  Too bad we will have to sell him :(

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Glenda said...

Aww I want one. I really do.

Chelsea said...

Hello :). I can't believe your goat had FOUR kids! Is that unusual? I've been doing quite a bit of research on goats because I'm interested in homesteading and they seem like great animals. I've heard their milk doesn't taste very good, but according to my research it's supposed to taste similar to cow's milk. Do you notice much of a difference in taste? What kind of goat is Sky? Haha. I apologize for all the questions. I suppose I'm just super curious ;p. There's a big difference between reading about something and actually doing it yourself.

Kiyomi said...

Chelsea, Sky is a Nigerian Dwarf and usually they will have 2-3 after their first kid (which is usually a single). The milk is richer and a bit sweeter than cows milk. I like it more, but don't really like milk in general. There is definitely a different taste between store bought pasteurized cows milk and goat milk, though we also buy our milk raw. We now have 2 adult females and 2 kids, only Sky is producing milk our other female has never been bred. Goat Milk Stuff is a great family business based in southern IN and they are always very helpful. You can check out their blog for more info as well. They have all kinds of great info: