Apr 9, 2012

Our business: We need a bigger shop!

We have finally gotten some larger furniture jobs again, but with that comes the realization that we don't have the space to store the pieces!  We have some furniture in the extra spaces in the house, garage, and shop, but that is all finished work that is drying or that needs to finish curing.  What do we do with the pieces that we are trying to glue up and get ready to be made into the new project?  Well, we definitely don't have the space in the shop.  We have recently sold and gotten a new bandsaw so even the space behind the planer (in the picture below) is taken up.

So how do we manage to do large furniture glue ups and work? ....

We use the yard of course :)
Bubby with his Grandpa unclamping glue up
 With a little bit of help we get it all done.  Bubby loves to try and lift the boards to help daddy!

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