Jun 24, 2012

Art Fair on the Square organizers..Thanks!

 I want to personally send a huge THANK YOU! to the volunteers and people that run the Art Fair on the Square-Bloomington.   (I really wish I would have taken pictures...but we were busy trying to get set up before the show started).  We were put in booth #16, which according to the map was at the very edge of the courthouse lawn.  The people in the booth next to us had to deal with a huge brain statue to set up around:
Their tent went right in front of this statue, our was supposed to be beside them.
The statue is placed in a space right next to ours up on a mound.  So the back of our booth was on this mound then went over 10' which sloped down about another foot and into a flower bed. This was even with our tent pulled forward onto the sidewalk a good couple feet.  If we had not moved forward it would have been such a steep drop in the back part of our tent that we couldn't even put a table there!   If you look in the picture (taken from Google maps) there is a large tree in front of the black car, that is where the brain is now.  Our booth was to be to the left of that, you can actually see the ground sloping.

I went talked with the organizers about what to do and (after moving our tent around the space trying to get it to work) they offered to move us to another location that was better than the one we had. (Really how could anywhere else around there have been worse).  They apologized so many times and said that they didn't realize that it was so sloped and uneven, and pointed out that they are not even going to put anybody in that spot in the future! 

So we looked at the other spaces and decided to move to the corner of 6th and Walnut...on a street!  With the help of a small army of volunteers our tent was taken down and the corner weights were carried over to the new spot (we started off in the Southwest most corner of the festival and moved to the Northeast most corner.  So it was quite a walk!) and then put back up again.  We had people there to help us unload and with that help we were able to be set up and ready with a few minutes to spare before the people started coming to buy!

We had a very good show, and are very impressed with the help and support at our first year at Art Fair on the Square in Bloomington and hope to make it an annual show!  So again Thank you! to the organizers and all the volunteers for helping make the show a great one!

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