Jun 22, 2012

Travel Doodle Case-Tutorial

First let me say, if I can sew this, so can you!  I am just a novice at sewing and making up one of these takes under an hour (start to finish, ironing takes forever!). 
This is what the tutorial is for!
First you need to make up your pattern.  I made mine for a 1/8" sheet flip notebook and with the ability to hold 8-10 crayons (for some reason I could only find 2 crayons in the house...I wonder where the kids hid the rest!).

For the main body you will need to cut 2 pieces (inner and outer).  I made mine 10.5"x3.75" (on a fold, so it will be double that width when all cut out).  The tab is centered and is 2.5"x1".

The pockets are just basic rectangles also cut on a fold (this allows you to fold the material in half and make a lining for the pocket as well, it will be shown later).  For the book pocket make your rectangle 4.5"x3.25" and for the crayon pocket 7.5"x3.25".

 Next pick out and iron your material and cut the pieces.  If you are using a print material make sure to rotate your main body piece 90 degrees so that it will be facing up on the inside and outside.

 Take your book pocket and fold in half with right sides together, along the 4.5" side.  Sew almost all the way around.  Be sure to leave a couple inches open to turn your pocket right-side-out.  Before turning trim the 2 bottom corners to get rid of extra bulk
Turn your book pocket right side out, iron flat, and pin in place.  Fold over your crayon pocket Wrong sides together and pin in place.  Also pin where you crayon pocket dividers are going.  My pockets are approx. 1.5" wide.  Sew the crayon pocket dividers, but not the outer most edges (we will just catch those when we attach the outer piece), Sew on the book pocket along the sides and bottom.

Now, grab your outside piece and lay it out under your inside piece, just like it will be when all sewed up.  This way you can line up where the loop (the smooth fuzzy side) of the hook/loop closure will go.  Pin it in place and the sew it on.  I do not sew on the hook (rough side) to the tab just yet.

Place the outer material on the inner with right sides facing.  Sew together with 3/8"-1/2" seam, make sure to leave a couple inch opening to turn your case right side out.  Before turning make sure to trim all your corners to get rid of any extra bulk there.

 After it is all turned the right way (double check your corners to make sure you got them all poked out as much as possible) iron it flat and topstitch all the way around.

This is when I add my hook part onto the tab.  Sew it on.  That's it!  Not just fill it with a little notebook and crayons and you are ready for some doodling fun while in the car!
all opened up
and closed up.
 It took way more time to write this tutorial than it does to actually make one of these...so what are you waiting for I am sure you can think of some child that would love to have one!  These would make perfect birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, or even party favors!

  Ok, so this is my first tutorial, so please feel free to leave some constructive criticism in the comments to let me know how I did :)

Disclaimer: All posts and opinions are my own. They may not be the same as yours, but being individuals I can't please everybody. However this is my blog :P

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