Sep 10, 2012

Playtime fun

Today is Bubby's half birthday!  I can NOT believe he is 18months (1.5 years old) today!  He has grown so much.  Still doesn't talk a lot, he can convey most things with different variations of "Da".  He has been adding words though so that is good.  ECing (elimination communication) is going a little slower now since all he wants to do is run around!  I went through the same thing with Little Missy, so I hope he bounces back to being mostly potty learned again soon!

Since it was a milestone (and seemed like a good enough reason for me to put off cleaning and such right? :) We had some fun today since it was so nice outside (not too hot or cool).  Little Missy really wanted to paint and so I figured why have her make a mess inside when it was so nice outside.  So I gave her and Bubby a plate of finger paints and told them to have fun painting a board up at the end of the garden.

After they were done playing with the board I let them make feet prints all over the back pad.  They had so much fun!(Oh except for the cleaning up, neither of them seemed to like getting the paint scrubbed off much).

Little Missy has started in on the bad habit of nail biting!  Ugg!  I was a nail biter and I remember my mom's annoyance with me for doing it.  Not only her fingernails but also her toenails!  She likes having her nails painted and pretty so I painted them today in hopes of her stopping biting them down so far.  Of course since Little Missy got her nails done Bubby needed his done too.  Then mommy had to have hers done, so I let Little Missy paint them.  I tried letting Bubby help but he just took the nail polish off the brush and played with it.
You can see I missed some of the paint on Little Missy. :)

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