Jan 11, 2013

Specifically Random Review

Specifically Random was started in by Kelly 2.5 years ago.  Here is what she has to say about her business:

"I started making them for my daughter as a way to tame her unruly hair. I had just been laid off from my corporate job and, with a little one at home, was very interested in finding a way to avoid going back. Today, I run my business full time and couldn't be happier with the way things turned out.

Unlike most "one-size-fits-all" headscarves, I offer four sizes sure to fit any head. I also offer a variety of styles with more to come throughout 2013."

You can find more about her and purchase her headscarves on Facebook, Etsy, and her webpage

We have been at several farmer's markets and craft shows together over the last year.  I finally gave in a bought 3 of her wide size medium headscarves during the Riley Festival this past October.  Since my hair is fairly short (at least for me) I needed something that was easy to use and that would hold all my hair back without pulling my hair tight, as I get horrible tension headaches even with just little half ponytails!  Ugh.  Anyway, I have been using the 3 that I bought constantly since then.  I even put one to good use while packing up our booth and tent, it worked great with all the ducking around a lowered tent taking down lights and such!

Here they are back in October only the black one has been worn once (the one I wore while cleaning up the booth area).

 The black one is by far my favorite, but mainly because it goes with most everything I wear.  I am not one to really care about fashion, but if I am wearing my black hoodie, then it makes sense that I wear my black headscarf too.  I have worn these in the shop every time I have worked out there.  If I didn't care about getting dust all in my camera I would have taken a picture of me after sanding all day...you couldn't even SEE the headscarf due to all the dust, but my hair underneath was nice and shiny still. :)  As you can see in the pictures below, it holds my hair back very nicely.
 You can see from this side view that the elastic band on the bottom is thin enough that it doesn't cause that big bubble effect in my hair.  It does start to scoot up after a while of moving my head up and down, but not enough that it comes off.

Here is Little Missy (with Bubby near by as always) wearing the green one.  She really likes them as well, though the small size would fit better.  

 Below is a picture that I just took after 3 months of constant use and several washes!  They have held up very well!  These work so well that I think I am even going to buy more (no I don't really need more than 3, but she has so many different sizes and styles!)

Here are just some of the styles that she makes.  I really love the idea of the suit and tie style. As she states on her Facebook page:

"Known as my Suit & Tie Headband, these one of a kind hair accessories have been created using suiting, shirt fabric, a vintage necktie and a vintage button." 

She also makes other items, such as crochet rugs, headscarves for men, jewelry, and quilted key fobs!

Right now through Valentine's Day she is having a 25% off sale just use the coupon code: VAL2013 

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