Feb 25, 2013

FluffyRumps Nap/lap pad review

FluffyRumps is a WAHM based business run by Rhonda.  I have purchased a couple fleece covers from her a little over a year ago and still use them on occasion.  You can read my review of them HERE.  Now that Bubby is potty learning I decided that I needed to get a nap pad or something similar to help keep the bed mattress safe and dry if/when he has accidents during the night (especially since many nights he spends a part of the night in bed with me).  Rhonda sent me one of her nap/lap pads to try out and review.   *These are not available in her shop/page yet as they are still being tested*
The pad itself is made of 3 layers: Top is a nice print cotton, middle is zorb, and bottom is PUL.  My pade measures 22.75"x19.5" after several washes.  I forgot to measure the initial size, but it only seems to have obviously shrunk in the width (or shortest dimension), but not a lot.
First received it

on the bed
I have used it constantly for a few months now.  It works so well that it actually took Bubby sleeping half on and half off the pade soaking through everything for me to notice how well it worked.  I went in when he woke up and the bed was soaked.  The nap pad was wet on a good portion, but I could barely tell (it was obvious because of the weight).  I then used it to help dry the bed.  There were several nights where Bubby was wet through his pajamas, but his nap pad still felt dry.  The zorb inner did a great job of absorbing the pee and keeping me from having to change his sheets.  I did take the pad out though, just because it didn't feel wet, doesn't mean he should still sleep on it!  That just seems gross to me.   

Since I don't know how much Bubby pees at night I did another test on the nap pad to see just how well it could hold up.  I took 2 cups warm water and dumped it on the nap pad.  (Rhonda uses hers as a dish drainer, I had thought about trying that as well, but I decided that I would rather keep it on the bed just in case Bubby got tired).

 As I poured the water I would occasionally check to see if any water was leaking out anywhere.  After 2 cups and me pressing and rubbing it around, it was still dry on the bottom.  You can see where most of the water is settling but how the PUL back is more stuck to the pad.  The pad is also hanging over the edge of the counter and not leaking onto the floor!

 Since I dumped 2 cups in I wanted to see how much I could squeeze out.  I know that my toddler is not going to pick up and squeeze out the pad if it gets wet, so I am confident that it would not leak out even with all the pressure of him laying on it.  So I picked it up and was able to squeeze out 1/4 cup of water (in a couple minutes of sqeezing and working the water out).  It was only after I did that water started wicking over the edge and on the back.
There are a couple things I noted as problems.  Since it is narrower than the width of the mattress, Bubby can scoot over to the edge of the bed and be off the pad.  It is also very smooth with the PUL back so Bubby is able to scoot it all over the place and out from under him fairly easily.  Bubby is a mover (I mean really he is ALL over the bed at night) so to fix his kicking the pad out from under him, I put a fleece blanket over it and tucked it around his mattress.  Other than these 2 fairly minor issues, this nap pad is great! 
*These are not available on her page yet, as they are still in the testing phase.*

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