Mar 22, 2013

Bubby is growing up!

I can not believe that a Bubby turned 2 just over a week ago!  We had his party and he had a blast with the kids that came.  It is crazy thinking that next year, if he wants, he can go to pre-school!  We are still potty learning, overall he is doing very well.  Most days we just have a couple accidents, but he is in big boy undies or trainers almost full time now.  His biggest issue is waking up and needing to pee, most nights it seems he will wake up and start gettig out of bed and then end up peeing on the floor...I guess it is nice that I don't have to change his bedding most nights, but I have a nice nap pad that makes cleaning up his bed easy (you can read my review of it HERE). 

I received a swing that the seat could come off of and turning to an infant seat (with kickstand) then a toddler rocking chair as a baby gift when I was pregnant with Little Missy (who is 4.5 years old now).  It is probably the most used piece of baby gear that I have gotten.  Starting right after birth I took Bubby's picture every month/3months/6months/year (since as they age they don't grow/change quite as much) to see how much he has grown.  Looking back I am very glad I did this!  I remember my baby boy being little (though he was large, nearly 10 lbs at birth, so not tiny!), but my remembering is a bit skewed since I watch him grow and learn everyday.    So without further writing, here is Bubby growing up!

And some birthday party pictures:
Bubby's cake, not fancy but then it was going to be eaten by a 2 year old

Before his party, he wanted his birthday crown on upside down and backwards. Silly boy :)

Balloons with friends!

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