Apr 29, 2013

Tackling the craft room!

Since moving in with my in-laws things have been a bit crowded.  Well, not that we have so much stuff, mostly that the kids get into everything and they have lots of stuff.  Sadly, the mess you are about to see is not totally their fault.  They aren't supposed to play in this room, but they do when I am working in there.  Most of this is my fault, this is my crafting space and where I package cutting boards and our other kitchenware orders, since it is one of the few places that has a decent empty floor space that I can take over a few hours at a time, and it is also my workout space!

Now on to the tour of the disaster room! This is looking into the room from the door.  On the back wall are the sewing machines and a BIG monkey that needed his arm fixed. On the right is the design and cutting table.
 Here we have the design/cutting table and some fabric storage and lots of stuff on the floor.  Aaron made the rocking chair!  Super comfy, the bag is a goodwill/donation bag of stuff.

Now on to it cleaned up a bit, not perfect, but I don't have time to make every room perfect and I am sure this one will be a mess again.  I am hoping to keep up with it, but with two kids that like to get into everything...yeah right!

Same view from the doorway.  Big monkey has been fixed and put back in the kids room.  After we buy the house, I think I will work on putting shelving up so I can empty out my totes (it has my thread and elastic and other crafting stuff).
 This corner did pretty good!  That bag is now gone too, I dropped it off later that day :) 

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