Apr 2, 2013

Visiting family out of state

Last week the kids and I took a 12 hour trip to Kansas to visit Yoyo and Yaya (grandpa and grandma) and my sister and her new twins.  I made some outfits for my new niece and nephew to take and even gave them some of the kids outgrown clothes.  So I got to visit family, clean out some clutter, and make cute outfits :)   So really this blog post is going to be a photo bomb of family fun in Kansas.

First here are the outfit I made for them:
Newsie hats made from THIS pattern on Ravelry

These hats were made with THIS pattern on Ravelry
I made up the pants patterns and the skirt on this outfit.
This is one of my favorites! It is made from a brown cordouroy type material that was a zip up sweater.  The pants were the sleeves, the vest the the front panels, and the skirt was the back.  I used a scrap piece for the center of the flower.  I found THIS tutorial for the vest over at B is for Boy (So cute and EASY to do!)

Now for a few family pictures!
These are my new niece and nephew in their hats I made them :)

Bubby loved holding his baby cousin.  He held and hugged her and she fell asleep on him!

Little Missy was a big helper in taking care of her too.

The family at Yoyo and Yaya's house (grandpa and grandmas house)
The gang visiting the zoo :)

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