Sep 14, 2013

DIY desk drawer organizer

Ok, so I admit that I love Pinterest! So, of course, when I want to organize my new desk drawer in a crafty/cheap way, it is the first place I go for ideas.  Sadly many of the ideas were not feasible from items I had around the house and I did NOT want to buy anything.  So I set out to make up my own organizers.  I would love to say that they are fantastic and super cute and so on, but really...they are just practical.  I grabbed what I had on hand that would work.

My supplies:
Boxes (in this case mac and cheese boxes out of our recycling bin)
Glue (glue sticks, because I couldn't find the white glue
Tape (because glue sticks don't always hold forever)
Scissors (to cut the boxes)
and of course...the messy desk drawer!

 Notice the glue sticks, tape dispensers, and scissors in this messy desk drawer...the only thing not in here that I needed was my boxes!

So this is really quite simple!  Take your boxes:

Cut one long side (front or back) off and then glue the tabs back into place (I also taped them just to reinforce the stick glue).  Viola! A nice desk drawer organizer!  Now all you need to do is empty out the drawer so that is space to put your new organizers!  Really I just moved most of my stuff to the boxes then shoved the rest of out the way so I could arrange them.

I used the cut off front/backs of the boxes as little dividers until we get more empty boxes to use.
Overall, much better and easier to find things (like the stamps that kept getting lots under all the pens!)

There you have it simple and cheap (I didn't spend anything extra on this!). 
Now to work on the desk top! 

Disclaimer: All posts and opinions are my own. They may not be the same as yours, but being individuals I can't please everybody. However this is my blog :P