Feb 8, 2015

February Newsletter

Featured Product:
 Our Featured Product this month is our Bread/Cheese Boards. These are great little cutting and serving boards for appetizers.  These are not only for breads and cheeses, but are great for crackers, mini sandwiches, etc.  The boards measure 4.875" x 12.5" x .075" (left) and 5.25" x15.5" x.75" (right). 
These can be purchased on our website for $17 and $19 +shipping (we have free shipping on orders of $50+)! We also have them available at local art/craft shows and farmers markets

Other News

 We are working to build up our stock of finished work for the upcoming Spring/Summer seasons and to restock on the items of which we are out. We will also be adding a few new items including a Texas cutting board!

We have our cart full of 3/4" strips that we have ripped and sorted out to be used in our cutting boards and a new batch of laminated spatulas going through the second stage of their glue up process.

This is also the time of year that Kiyomi does some updating on the website.  This year has a bit more work that we anticipated due to someone taking one of our images and trying to fund a Kickstarter campaign with it. So we have been updating all the images on our website to include a "Dickinson Woodworking" watermark on them. We are also going to update all the images on our Facebook page as well.

We have also added a sign out front of our workshop so people that come out know they have the correct location!

Show Schedule February-March:
Every Saturday in February & March- Indy Winter Farmers Market, West Wing City Market Building
Friday-Sunday, March 6-8: Kentucky Crafted: The Market- Lexington, Kentucky
Friday-Sunday, March 27-29: Indiana Artisan Marketplace- Indianapolis, Indiana

For our Full Show Schedule Click HERE

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