Would you like me to do a Review for you?

If you would like or are interested in having me do a review for you here are a few things to note:

-I will truly use and test your product, so please don't expect a fast review.  If it is something that needs used (diapers, carriers, clothes, bows, etc) I will use it for a least a couple weeks-a month and get good use out of it in that time before completing my review.

-I have a rambunctious independent 3 year old girl, Little Missy, that loves getting mail and making the biggest mess in her clothes by working in our workshop with my hubs.

-I have a chunky 25 lbs 1 year old boy, Bubby, that I EC (infant potty learn).  He wears cloth diapers/trainers.  He is quite mobile now walking and starting to try and run around!

-We practice babywearing.

-I will take lots of pictures and post a link to the review on your wall.

-If you would like I will submit my review to you before publishing, but please be aware I write honest reviews, you may not agree with everything I say, but it is MY review of Your product. 

-If I have any problems with the item(s) I will contact you before writing a negative review.  Since I am in the product making/selling of my products, I know I always prefer if customers contact us with issues before writing a bad review.

Blog reviews and giveaways are a great way to get your name out without a lot of cost.  I currently have 955 facebook followers with 3,150 monthly active users.  I am still fairly new at blogging and only have118 Google followers, with 2,300 page views in the past month (we all have to start somewhere).  I am new to twitter and have 100 followers and am part of 3 different triberr tribes with a reach of 53,637.

-If you are still interested in having me do a review and/or giveaway of your item please email me: dickinsoncustomfurniture@yahoo.com